Taylor’s Review Part 2

For those of you who don’t remember, my name is Taylor – I am a guest writer for a few skin care blogs including FutureDerm. About a month ago, I had the honor of trying out the ViaBuff Body Duo Exfoliator and Facial MiniBuff, in hopes of both giving myself a more thorough exfoliative experience and getting rid of some hyperpigmentation on my cheek. So did the ViaBuff live up to its initial praise? Read my thoughts below! (you can read my initial review here)

Reminder: Why did I Pick the ViaBuff


For a long time, I’ve been using a rough, squash-shaped loofah to exfoliate my face and body (yes, it was as awkward and uncomfortable as it sounds), simply because I wasn’t willing to shell out big bucks for fancy exfoliating brushes. The ViaBuff buffs are pretty affordable and last a long time, so I figured that they were a bargain (my aesthetically-challenged loofah usually lasts only a month before it turns a disconcerting orange color).  Plus, I was looking for something that wouldn’t cultivate as much bacteria as your standard loofah, and which was overall pretty durable in terms of how often you could use it and how vigorously you can use it. I’m a vegetarian, so I like that the ViaBuff buffs are vegan-friendly, and my no-nonsense  side loves the ViaBuff buffs are so easy to use – there are no special steps or extraneous gadgets, just the ViaBuff and your skin (and perhaps the ViaBuff handle if you have mobility issues).  As a writer for a skincare blog, I love that the buffs are dermatologist-tested (yay for science!), and as someone with combination oily/normal skin, I simply adore the fact that buffs can be customized to meet the needs of 10 different skin types. In essence, it sounds like the ViaBuff buffs were made for skincare-loving, ultra-frugal, and no-nonsense people just like me who wanted straightforward, easy-to-use, and effective exfoliating tools.

What I Liked


I could make this easy for both of us and just say “everything”, but if you’re a science-nerd like me, you’ll want to know all the deets. First of all, I like the Facial Mini Buff and  Body Duo Exfoliator’s texture – they were rough enough so that I could literally feel them getting rid of my superficial layer of dead skin, but gentle enough that they didn’t cause an irritation. Even when I rubbed vigorously, it didn’t inflame my skin or lead me to overexfoliate (definitely a concern if you are an overzealous exfoliator broad like me!). After using it for over a month, I’m happy to say that the ViaBuff buffs both work as well as when new – my skin feels smooth and silky each time after using the buffs. While I’ve only used it for a little over a month, I could definitely see these buffs lasting longer than the recommended 3-month time frame when they are given a little TLC. Finally, I’m happy to say after using the ViaBuff Facial Mini Buff and Duo Body Exfoliator for a little over a month, the scarring and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks has faded considerably, and my face no longer gets greasy patches. After using the Level 2 section of the Body Duo Exfoliator, the skin on my body felt smooth and less congested with oil and dead skin. The Level 4 section of my Body Duo Exfoliator was also great at exfoliating my feet without making them feel sore, such as when I used a pumice stone.  In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that the ViaBuff buffs exceeded my expectations.

How Could the ViaBuff Be Improved?

Admittedly, I really enjoyed using these two buffs and think that the people at ViaBuff are on to something special– these buffs exfoliated my skin much better than my awkwardly-shaped (and overall disappointing) loofah used to do, and lasted for a pretty long time. That being said, there are a few minor changes that should be made in order to truly make this the ideal experience. First of all, if you use an exfoliating scrub that contains microbeads or crystals, expect some of these to get caught in your ViaBuff. Although it may not be clear from the picture, there are tiny holes in each of the petals of the exfoliating buffs, and boy oh boy do microbeads like to collect in these holes. Take note that this didn’t affect my exfoliating experience; but I usually like everything to be spic-and-span, so I spent a few minutes after exfoliating picking the beads out from the buff’s petals.  The ViaBuff exfoliating buffs are pretty durable and well-designed, but I also didn’t want to risk the microbeads collecting germs and then ruining my buffs, so I made sure to pick them from the buff as soon as possible. So, to put a long story short, I hope that maybe ViaBuff can find a way to keep microbeads and small exfoliating particles from collecting in the foam’s holes, just so that people like me don’t have to drive ourselves crazy extracting every little microbead that decides to cozy up and nestle within the buff.

Bottom Line

Many people may equate high-quality with a sky-high price when it comes to skincare, but this isn’t the case with ViaBuff. Each of the ViaBuff exfoliating buffs are ultra-affordable, durable, and will give you the best skin of your life. The Facial Mini Buff helped to fade the scarring and hyperpigmentation on my cheek, in addition to eliminating some of the greasy patches on my face. The Body Duo Exfoliator’s Level 2 was a champ at making the skin on my body feel smooth and healthy, whereas the Level 4 section effectively exfoliated away patches of dead skin. So would I recommend the ViaBuff Facial MiniBuff and Body Duo Exfoliator? You bet!


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