Why You Should Exfoliate Your Way to Smooth Summer-Ready Skin

With summer just around the corner, you might already be planning a sunny summer getaway, or maybe some much-needed relaxing by the pool is in order. Whatever your plans are for maximizing your fun in the sun this summer, chances are, your skin could use a little touch-up before it’s ready to hit the waves. If you’re like most of us, winter may have taken its toll on your skin, leaving it dry, chapped, and flaky. So what’s to be done to achieve that smooth, glowing skin just in time for summer? One word: exfoliate. Sound too simple to be true? Take a look at these four rad reasons why you should take our advice and exfoliate your way to summer-ready skin.

1. Gets Rid of Dry, Flaky Winter Skin

cold winter air

While we love sled riding and cozying up by the fire as much as the next person, what we don’t love so much about winter is its tendency to make our skin dry, flaky, and dull. But the good news is that this doesn’t have to last for long. Proper exfoliation can work wonders for removing that lackluster layer of dead skin that’s hiding the fresh, smooth layer underneath.

Watch out for over-exfoliating, though. Harsh or too frequent exfoliation can have the opposite effect you’re looking for, so we suggest choosing an exfoliating brush and product that is gentle enough to be used daily without irritating your skin (Health Day). What we love about the ViaBuff Body Exfoliator is that it comes in four different levels, allowing you to tailor your exfoliation to match your skin type and condition.

2. Helps You Get a Closer Shave


We couldn’t talk about smooth skin without mentioning shaving, right? Well as it turns out, exfoliating your skin can actually help you to get a much closer shave, resulting in a sleeker look and feel. When you shave over top of that layer of dead, dry, flaky skin, not only does it can actually clog your razor, which definitely isn’t helpful when you’re looking for a smooth shave. What’s more, it can also prevent the hair you’re trying to shave from reaching your razor, which can also cause a less-than-desired result. By exfoliating your skin before your shave, you’ll not only remove that bothersome dead skin, but you’ll also help your razor do its job (IndiaTimes).

3. Primes the Skin for Summer Products


In a similar way, regular exfoliation can also help to prime your skin to get the most out of your summer essentials. By sweeping the dirt, oil, and other debris from your pores, you can help your skin care products better penetrate the skin, thus making them much more effective. If you’re using a daily moisturizer (which you should be!), it will be able to work its way into your skin once you’ve sloughed off that dead outer layer, which can be crucial to keeping your skin looking and feeling hydrated during the hot summer months.

And just in case you’ve been trying to avoid too much exposure to harmful UV rays by applying a sunless tanning lotion, guess what–exfoliation can help with that, too. Just like with your moisturizer or other skin care products, sunless tanning lotion will be much more effective if you properly exfoliate your skin before applying it. Otherwise, it’s really only sitting on the surface of your skin and mixing with those dry flakes of skin that can result in an uneven tone. By exfoliating beforehand, you can make sure that your tanning lotion is actually getting to that fresh, smooth layer of skin underneath (Shape Magazine).

4. Preps Your Feet for Flip Flop Weather

No poolside scene would be complete without a trusty pair of flip flops by your side, so don’t forget about exfoliating those feet. It really doesn’t have to take an expensive trip to the spa to prep your feet for their summer debut. With consistent exfoliation, you can keep your feet smooth and soft from the comfort of your own bathroom.


You can even add some essential oils to the mix to make the whole experience a relaxing and self-pampering at-home spa. Peppermint oil, for instance, is often used in foot care products to help soothe and cleanse even the roughest of skin (Livestrong). Simply soak your feet in water with or without added oils, and then exfoliate using a level 3 or 4 ViaBuff Puff for smooth, summer-ready feet.

The Bottom Line

Who says you have to wait for summer to get into full swing before you think about prepping your skin for warmer weather? By adopting a regular exfoliation routine for your face and body, you can be well on your way to having smooth, soft, healthy-looking skin all year round. And the best part? It won’t cost you a trip to the salon or an entire arsenal of products. Even if you’re new to the world of exfoliation, simply adding a durable ViaBuff Body Exfoliator to your daily routine can work wonders for your skin.

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