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Noreen Young

Educator / Author / Esthetican / Makeup Artist

” As an Educator in the spa industry, an esthetician and a professional makeup artist I am always looking for the next big thing! I found it for the skin in ViaBuff. A unique puffy exfoliating delight that makes sense and doesn’t cost a fortune. Spa clients love this new skin cleansing sensation! I have featured this product on TV in my beauty reporting too. Viewers loved it!”

“I have been enjoying using the various ViaBuffs to smooth my body and face and love that it works so well and is gentle on my sensitive skin. I tend to get pretty dry on my elbows and knees and I noticed that those parts of my body (and everywhere) are exfoliated easily without being abrasive like other products can be. My children also use the extra gentle body ViaBuffs to clean and smooth their boy and they love it as does my husband for his needs. I definitely suggest these and would recommend them to anyone.” READ MORE

“Every time I take a shower, I have to buff my skin. It just makes a world of a difference for me. Not only does it make my lotion absorb better, but my skin is soft and younger looking.Lately I have been using ViaBuff Facial and Body Buffs, on my skin. Let me tell you, these buffs are really awesome! They clean and buff my face and body so nicely, I really don’t even have to work at it either, which is so refreshing! These buffs are truly the ultimate exfoliator for your body. My skin is really soft, since using these buffs (been using them for about one week only) and the difference in using these buffs as opposed to using regular scrubbers, is so different” READ MORE

Tamika Herkley


“I found out about ViaBuff from the Shelley Hancock website. I inquired and Jim Inama called me back. I met with him and he told me all about the product and how I would love it. I have extremely dry, flaky skin and my skin started to feel softer before it looked better. Now my skin’s is starting to look normal and it is baby soft! We private label them now because I love it so much!”

Natty’s Reviews Blog

“I received some viabuff exfoliating scrubbers for my honest review. I received a pack of four mini exfoliators which included a purple, a pink, a green, and a blue. The purple is extra gentle. Which is good for acne, oily skin, and psoriasis. The pink is for moderate. Which is best used for dry skin, ingrown hairs, waxing, and keratosis pilaris. The green is considered mild. Which is best used for normal skin and eczema. Last the blue is for gentle also used great for acne and psoriasis. The two large exfoliators that I received were my favorite. READ MORE

Cary G.


“I would like to thank you for introducing me to ViaBuff! The exfoliators not only outperform body puff’s by exfoliating more deeply with less irritation, but last longer than a body puff could ever have hoped to last! Being machine washable is an even better feature, just throw it in and it’s good as new. Thank you again for introducing me to such a great product!”

Mandy H.


“I had spinal surgery 3 times within the past 10 months. Leading up to my last surgery I was on tons of different medications that made my skin extremely dry and flaky. I used the pink facial ViaBuff and the pink and white body ViaBuff. The dry spots on my face and the keratosis pilaris on my arms disappeared!! Then I had surgery. For over 2 weeks I had limited use of the body ViaBuff and WOW there was a difference. The [Keratosis Pilaris] on my arms and dry elbows began to come back. Now I have been able to get back to my daily routine I have noticed a big difference once again. I am really happy the results.”



“So I love the [ViaBuff]. I used the pink one on my eczema and it helped a lot. I have a client who is using the white on her elbows because they were super dry and I think the pink or green for her ingrown [hairs].”


Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa

“We have been selling ViaBuff for the past year, and it is an amazing product! Our customers rave about the feeling of their skin after using it. It”s very easy to use in the shower and also to clean. What a great product everyone should have one!! I myself have one and love it.”

Kim Snyder

“Oh my gosh!!! I am totally in love with your buffs! I used the white side of the larger buff on my husband’s back and he loved how it felt. Even at our age, he still breaks out a bit. We have been looking for a better buff to use. (Been using store bought types for years) I have been using the little pink one on my face. I tried the purple first and found it too light of a scrubber for me. It would work great for someone who doesn’t normally use scrubbers of any type and wants to start. Thank you so very much for the cards with the information about which color puff does what! I know its something simple but it really does help when deciding which puff to use. As well as what I should expect the puff to do. I can not give enough praise for your buff!”

Mary Balandiat

“What excites me is that the open cell polyurethane foam material of these buffs makes them more sanitary, for a more hygienic experience, being antifungal, antibacterial and allergen free than what’s typically out there for this purpose. Another thing to love about ViaBuff is that you are in control of the strength of exfoliation that you want to use. I started with the moderate pink facial buff with some creamy goat milk cleanser and felt my complexion being exfoliated, but without any irritation or redness once I rinsed. My skin was softer and glowed. The pink and white ViaBuff that I sampled for my shower absorbed my shower gel well on the white side for lathering without needing to oversaturate it as I often need to do when using a bath sponge. It also was abrasive enough to clean and stimulate circulation as it exfoliated.” READ MORE

Jessica Fitzmaurice

” I found ViaBuff at the International Esthetic Cosmetic and Spa Conference in 2014. I have been using the sponges myself ever since, as well as selling them to my clients. Across the board everyone LOVES them. My skin has never felt smoother…I didn’t even know It could get smoother!”



“We love ViaBuffs at MetroWaxx!! I first met Jim at the Las Vegas beauty show by complete accident, but wow what a gem I found! ViaBuffs have been an extremely easy retail item to sell to our waxing clientele. We use to sell a lot of loofa sponges, but when I found out how you can wash these high density foam balls, my attention was sparked!! I have had nothing but good feedback from my clientele on the product and they tell me they are now more likely to exfoliate their whole body instead of just one specific area. Surprisingly I have had many return to buy an extra for their husband or kids as well!!”

Stevie Wilson

“I LOVE these puffs. They are so easy to use. I knew that they would be a good product but I didn’t realize just how much I liked them till I got them in the shower. Now I use them every day. Skin is smooth and no more rough patches and the buffing feels good too. Using ViaBuff is like having the Rolls-Royce of sponges for your face and body. I have used my minis and my combo Buffs and have been very happy with the texture and how well they work. ”

Jennifer Walsh

“I wanted to give you some feedback from everyone in the office after we all had a chance to use the ViaBuffs you sent! We are all in love! I have been using it on my face as well as my legs and it is amazing. I honestly think it works better than the Clarisonic (I had one but it broke after only a few weeks)! One of my coworkers has pretty sensitive skin and so I gave her the purple one (extra gentle) and she says it is the one exfoliating product she’s tried that did not mess up her skin. Thank you so much for giving us all the chance to try it! We appreciate it. I honestly think our celebrities would love them as well! ViaBuff would definitely be a huge hit at our gifting suites!”

Schiller’s Pharmacy

“I have been selling bath sponges, brushes and other exfoliating bath items for over 20 years and the ViaBuff is the absolute best I have ever used. I particularly like the one they call “critical” combined with the medium exfoliator. My skin is softer and less dry. Same goes for the facial exfoliators!”

Kathy Shaddy

“I got the facial buffs and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I think I am addicted! I am using all the colors depending on what is “going on” with my skin. I have a problem with adult female hormonal acne so I treat my skin with lots of things to manage the condition. When my skin is dry, flaking, and spot peeling from using treatments like retinol or glycolic acid I use the white or pink — they work great to clean up all that peeling mess. It helps to clear up and prevent additional or new break outs from clogged pores or the dry skin blocking pores — and the medication can get into my skin better. When I have open or irritated acne I use the purple so as not to tear or injure the acne breakout. The only one I have not got to try yet is the one for “normal skin” – that will be next! I will use that when my skin clears up and normalizes with minimal break outs.”