Why the ViaBuff is a Great Winter Exfoliator

The chilly, biting winds of winter are just around the corner, meaning that flaky patches of skin and cracked palms will soon plague your skin. Cue the ViaBuff Level 3 and 4 Exfoliating Buffs, which were formulated to deal with dry skin and are a great addition to your winter skin care routine. Our buffs are all that you need to eliminate flaky patches of skin without irritating your skin further. Need some more convincing? Read below for some very good reasons as to why our buffs are awesome for winter time use.

Bye-bye, Bacteria

While playing in the snow is all good and well, the proliferation of sickness-inducing bacteria during the winter really hampers our enjoyment, especially when certain bacteria can collect on our skin’s surface. That’s why designed our ViaBuff Exfoliating Buffs to have an open-cell polyurethane design that promotes speedy air-drying. This limits water retention, which in turn limits the rate or bacteria colonization on your puff so that you won’t be rubbing germs into your skin as you exfoliate.

Our Buffs Have a Huge Surface Area

Admittedly, the bathroom is one of our least favorite places in the winter; the cold bathroom tiles make our feet feel like ice cubes, and our faucet seems to only ever spew forth cold water. Fortunately, our buffs have a large surface area of over 1200 sq/in, which makes your exfoliation both more efficient and speedier, a huge bonus when chilly drafts nip at your skin. Even better, if you are someone who likes to exfoliation aggressively, our buff’s large surface area means that you have ample time before you will need to use a new buff.

The Level 3 and 4 Four Puffs were Designed for Extra Dry Skin

Our Level 3 Exfoliating Buff was designed to not only deal with ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris, and freshly waxed skin, but also dry, eczematous skin. Our Level 4 Buff was similarly designed to treat exceptionally dry skin. While these puffs were designed to be strong enough to remove flakes of dry, itchy skin, don’t fret; our puffs are also gentle enough so even those with sensitive skin types should not face any irritation.

Winter Exfoliator

They Last a Minimum of 90 Days

Most loofahs and puffs will last for four weeks of use, maybe five or six if you are very gentle with them. Made of an ultra-durable open-cell polyurethane, our ViaBuff Exfoliating Puffs last a minimum of 90 days, which is three weeks longer than most other puffs. Many of our clients report using their puffs for several months (even up to a year!) when washed periodically in warm water and a mild soap. So what does this mean for your skin? With a little bit of TLC, our puffs should be able to last you for the duration of the winter, which in turn can make your wallet feel a little fuller and landfills a little emptier.

Our Buffs are Perfect for Holiday Travels

Traveling to see some relatives this Thanksgiving and Christmas? Don’t sacrifice your exfoliating routine for a little bit of extra space in your suitcase. Our Exfoliating Buffs can be compressed so as to fit in even the smallest crevice, and will quickly regain their shape once you take them out. Looking for a fun but functional stocking stuffer? Our ultra-affordable buffs are perfect for those of virtually any age and are just the perfect size to sneak into someone’s stocking on Christmas Eve.

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Bottom Line

Admittedly, exfoliating during the winter time can frustrating – it seems like even the best serums won’t make your flaky patches go away. That’s why we formulated our ViaBuff Level 3 and 4 Exfoliating Buffs to be abrasive enough to remove even the most stubborn patches of flaky winter skin without causing irritation. Even better, our puffs limit water retention, which in turn limits how many icky winter germs can collect and colonize within your buff. Planning on traveling during the holidays? Our puffs are small enough to fit into even the most crammed suitcase our purse, yet will return to their shape once you take them out.

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