What You Ought to Know about ViaBuff

Those looking to exfoliate the skin are bombarded with an endless variety of exfoliating tools – dry brushes, loofahs, konjac sponges, mesh puffs, nylon puffs, exfoliating creams – the list can go on and on. However, finding a great exfoliating tool is like finding a needle in a haystack, as exfoliators like loofahs and nylon puffs harbor exceptionally high amounts of bacteria whereas dry brushes and some exfoliating creams can create small tears in the skin. That’s why ViaBuff designer their series of Exfoliating Puffs to not only last longer than most other exfoliating tools, but also to protect against bacteria colonization, offer a thorough yet gentle exfoliation, and a selection of puffs that can be matched with several common skin types. Want to know more about what makes ViaBuff so special? Read below for more details!

The ViaBuff Story

ViaBuff was created in 2014 so that people of all ages and skin types could finally have an exceptional total body exfoliating experience. The ViaBuff Body Exfoliators and Facial Mini Buffs are come in four strengths: Level 1 (purple) is great for those oily skin, acne-prone skin or sensitive skin; Level 2 (green) for normal to eczematous skin types; Level 3 (pink) for ingrown hairs, freshly-waxed skin and keratosis pilaris; and Level 4 (white) for exceptionally dry skin. ViaBuff Puffs also are available for those with combination skin, such combining Level 2 and 3, 3 and 4, and 1 and 4, etc. ViaBuff handles are also sold so that those with mobility issues or have trouble exfoliating hard-to-reach places can have an easy exfoliating experience.




The ViaBuff Puffs are renowned for their anti-bacterial and cleansing properties. ViaBuff’s founders chose to make an exfoliating puffs as opposed to exfoliating mitts and pumices because these puffs provide a stronger soap lather and are more durable for all-over body use. Made from an open-cell polyurethane foam, the ViaBuff puffs were formulated specifically promote speedy air-drying, which in turn reduce the likelihood of bacterial growth on the puffs. With over 1,200 sq/in of usable surface area, ViaBuff Exfoliating Puffs offer a more efficient exfoliating experience than most store-bought puffs and loofahs. ViaBuff Puffs’ cell structure enables them to absorb a small amount of water so that more exfoliating product stays on the surface of the puff, thus ensuring a more thorough and deeply-penetrating exfoliation.

Why is Exfoliation so Important?

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and debris that lurks on the outer layers of skin, and which can potentially clogged pores if left alone. Even better, exfoliation encourages cell renewal and heathy growth so that your beautiful and glowing skin can continue to shine.

Most people with normal skin types should exfoliate once to twice a week. Those with oily skin may need to do so three or more times a week, whereas those with eczema or other serious dry skin conditions should consider exfoliating only once only a few times per month. For more information, check out the ViaBuff posts about exfoliating dry skin and exfoliating oily skin.

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Where Can I Purchase ViaBuff Products?

ViaBuff is in the midst of offering its products to several online marketplaces. You can currently purchase ViaBuff products at ViaBuff.com and Amazon.com. If you are interested in selling ViaBuff products or would like more information, feel free to contact ViaBuff either by their customer support page or via telephone at (330) – 349 – 2833.

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