Try the ViaBuff Challenge!


The ViaBuff Challenge proves you can get the beautiful, youthful glow you want with the ViaBuff.

Take a piece of clear tape. Press it to the back of your hand. Now look: Little skin flakes. These little skin flakes are fighting your skin’s natural oils, causing imbalances in your skin. These little skin flakes are clogging pores, leading to breakouts. These little skin flakes are preventing skin care products from reaching your skin, doing what they do best.

Which is why you need the ViaBuff. The ViaBuff Facial Buff has four custom exfoliation levels designed for an array of skin types and concerns. The ViaBuff Facial Buff only increases the efficacy of your existing skin care. It’s amazing to use with your other skin care products daily. And considering each puff lasts 30% longer than the average competitors’ puff, it’s a solid investment in beautiful skin!

Just try the clear tape test before and after using the ViaBuff. We guarantee a significant improvement in a reduction in the number of little skin flakes. It’s impossible not to get your best skin with the ViaBuff!

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