New Customized Skin Care Products You’ve Never Heard About Before

The internet increases connectivity and knowledge accessibility, but it also enables customization. In the skin care arena, there are a few skin care companies that have taken advantage of the fact that the internet makes it possible to get “insta-feedback” from users, and customized skin care products can help respond to their feedback and generate heightened results.

1.) Way

way skin

Way is a small, donut-like device that hides UV index and humidity sensors, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and up to seven days of battery life (according to the product’s creators). Using a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensor, Way detects moisture and oil content in the layer beneath the surface of the user’s skin – which can be a good indicator of overall skin health.

Combining skin’s moisture and oil content with pollution and weather reports, Way links to a smartphone app (iOS and Android) to provide personalized advice. During use, the app will pop up with notifications, making recommendations such as applying moisturizer when humidity is low, or putting on sunscreen when the UV index is high. It will also suggest customized skincare regimens based on the recorded stats, giving advice on the best way to apply them.

2.) MySkin

myskin was established by two Harvard Business School graduates, a plastic surgeon, and a biophysicist. In truth, the theory of is simple:  Start with a panel of experts; add information different skin types and concerns and over 135,000 products; design an algorithm to consider environmental factors, genetics, ingredients, and additional consumer reviews of products; invite members, and watch the site grow – and the algorithm continuously improve.

Just as the viral power of internet feedback on sites like Pandora can provide you with more custom recommendations as more feedback is available, that’s the way works.  Best of all, remains completely unbiased to a fault, even refusing to accept ads from the industry. While does not provide actual customized skin care products, it does provide product feedback from users with the same skin type and concerns as you.

3.) ViaBuff

ViaBuff Exfoliators Treatment Oily Skin Normal

Exfoliating can make skin look instantly younger. The built-up, dead layers of dry skin often can look patchy, rough, discolored, scaly, and lined. While you may think that this is the result of aged collagen, elastin, and fibrous structures within your skin, dry skin often looks aged because of the top layer. Once that layer is removed, your skin immediately looks smooth and unwrinkled!

One great tip is to make sure that you are using a customized skin care regimen, including an exfoliator, for your skin type and concerns. Below is a graphic to help you find the right exfoliator:

Viabuff Types

Try one today! You will be delighted by how soft, smooth, and glowing your skin looks! Customized skin care doesn’t get any better than this!

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