How to Extend the Life of Your ViaBuff

How to Extend the Life of Your ViaBuff

As even the most casual reader of our blog will know, the ViaBuff buffs are outstanding for several reasons: they are cruelty-free, dermatologist-tested, defend against bacterial growth and last three times longer than your standard buff. Nevertheless, there are some tricks and tips that you can employ in order to stretch the life of your buff.

Don’t pick at your buff!


Our buffs’ open-cell polyurethane design prevents them from absorbing too much water or exfoliating product. In the rare chance that some exfoliating product seeps deep into our buffs (a really, really slim chance!), you shouldn’t pick at the crusted serum, as this may damage your buff. Rather, we suggest running the buff under hot water as you gently try to rub the product out of the buff’s crevices. This prevents your buff from becoming ripped or misshapen while keeping it clean.


Wash it regularly.

Did you know that you can wash our buffs? After several uses, we suggest giving your ViaBuff buff a nice cleansing. You can usually put it in a mesh laundry bag, and wash with a mild detergent in warm water (no bleach or harsh detergents!). If you are afraid that your laundry cycle may be a little rough for your dear ViaBuff buff, then you should wash the buff under warm running water with a mild soap, and then dry it so that the moisture in the buff will not attract bacterial colonization.


Store it somewhere dry.

Whenever you are done with your ViaBuff buff, make sure to rinse it and dry it before storing it away. Even though our buffs limit water retention, bacteria can theoretically thrive in any moist environment, so why take the chance? (Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials).

Don’t use just one section of the buff.

Our buffs have a large surface area that makes exfoliation more efficient. However, some of us may rationalize that using certain parts of the buff, wearing them out, and then moving onto another section of the buff is the best way to extend its life. Wrong! If you purposefully overuse certain sections of the buff, then this gives you a less efficient and less effective exfoliative experience. For the best results you should make sure to use most (if not all) of the surface area on your buff, especially if you are exfoliating the entire body.

Make sure that you are using the right buff for your skin type.

how to know-02Having exceptionally dry skin that is also inflamed or sensitive may make you want to reach for our extra gentle Level 1 ViaBuff buff. However, this buff is too gentle for extremely parched skin, and will not benefit your skin as much as using the Level 4 ViaBuff buff In fact, it is possible that your extremely dry skin may prove too rough for the Level 1 buff and wear it out long before its utility has been exhausted. If you truly want to reap the most benefits for your skin and get the longest life out of your ViaBuff buff, then we suggest sticking with the level prescribed to your skin type.

Bottom Line

We at ViaBuff wanted to make exfoliating buffs that were fun, functional, affordable and ultra-efficient. Even though our products last three times longer than your standard buff (90 days), many of our clients have reported that their buffs lasted for several months with just a little TLC. If you want to get extra utility from your buff, then we suggest washing it regularly, and storing it somewhere dry. Make sure you use the correct buff for your skin type, or it may negatively impact your skin and the life of your buff. If debris or exfoliating product becomes stuck within the crevices of your buff, gently coax it out with warm water and rubbing it away with your fingers, and remember to make use of your buff’s entire surface area when exfoliating.

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