Can Greasy Hair Cause Acne?

A common piece of advice for acne sufferers is to pull oily hair back and make sure that it doesn’t touch your face or shoulders – what else could be causing your acne, after all? Well, the relationship between greasy strands on your face and acne is actually a little complicated, so we dedicate today’s post to discussing if oily or greasy hair can induce acne when it touches your skin.

Can Greasy Hair Cause Acne? It’s a Little Complicated . . .hairspray

Whether we like it or not, our bodies are covered in hair. These hairs are attached to glands that secrete a hydrating sebum (which is oily) that helps to keep our skin and hair healthy (Mayo Clinic). The sebum that travels down the hair strands may transfer to your face and possibly clog pores if you frequently let your hair touch your face. Additionally, both sebum and the residue of hair products may transfer to your pillowcase, which in turn contacts facial skin and potentially contributes to acne lesions.  Those who tend to use a great deal of hair care products (especially thick gels and hair sprays) are most likely to experience product transfer onto the skin and clogging of the pores, resulting in rather unfortunately-located acne (Dr. David E. Bank for Huffington Post), (MedlinePlus).

Acne is a multifactorial issue that is likely due to a combination of genetics, hygiene/lifestyle, diet, and environmental factors. While greasy hair may not always be the cause of your acne, it’s better to not take the risk of developing more acne due to poor hair hygiene. Therefore, you should make sure to pull your hair back and pin your bangs away from your face. Use haircare products sparingly, and opt for those that you can apply with your fingers instead of sprays that may accidentally be spritzed onto your face. If you have oily hair, make sure to wash it frequently so that you won’t see much oil buildup. And make sure to clean your face every night before bed (Prevention, Everyday Health).

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Bottom Line

There is no definitive evidence that letting your hair lay on your face will induce acne; however, hair strands tend to be covered in sebum and hair products that may clog your skin pores if they make contact with your face and shoulders. As such, it is best if you pull your hair back from your face, clean your face before bed, limit your use of haircare products, and wash your hair frequently. It’s also a good idea to regularly use a freshly washed pillowcase. For the best results, we suggest using the ViaBuff Level 1 Exfoliating Buff, which was designed specifically to exfoliate acne ridden skin.


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