Beauty Hacks part 2

Affordability and innovation are some  of the most important traits that we look for when designing our skincare routine – after all, the ViaBuff Exfoliating Buffs are some of the most affordable yet effective exfoliating buffs on the market! We dedicate today’s post to discussing some favorite beauty hacks here at ViaBuff so that we (and you!) can get the most from a skincare routine without breaking the bank.

In a Pinch? You can Use a Washcloth to Exfoliate


Perhaps you woke up late and don’t have time to fully exfoliate. Perhaps you wore out your old buff and haven’t ordered a new one, or the dog mistook your ViaBuff Exfoliating Buff for a chew toy. Whatever the reason, not having a buff handy is no cause for panic. If you are really in a pinch, you can use a washcloth to exfoliate your skin (Bustle). Will it perform as well as your ViaBuff Exfoliating Buff or a chemical exfoliator? Sadly not, but it can get the job done until you have your buff back in your possession.

Change Your Pillowcase and Save Money on Acne Treatments


Most of us are guilty of changing our pillowcases infrequently. Worse yet, many of us have probably gone to bed with unwashed or makeup-streaked faces and that can transfer skin debris to our pillowcases. While the bacteria and debris on pillowcases are not guaranteed to give you acne or irritation, the debris (oil, makeup, drool, dead skin, etc.) on your pillow will be ground into your cheek night after night, especially if you are someone who tosses and turns a lot or who tends to sleep flat on your stomach. There is no formal consensus on how frequently you should change pillowcases, but swapping out pillowcases every few days to a few weeks seems a reasonable guideline for most of us to follow (Medical Daily, Livestrong). But how does this save you money in the long run? Since this hack reduces the chance of breakouts appearing, it saves any money that you would otherwise have to spend on acne treatments.

Stop Sticking Your Fingers into Skincare Products


At home you probably have jars and tubs of skincare serums into which you dip your fingers – don’t do this! When you place fingers into a tub of skincare product, you run the risk of introducing harmful bacteria into a contained environment. Contaminated contents are then applied to your skin, which in turn could lead to some unpleasant skin blemishes or infections. Instead, pour a little bit of this product into your hand or use a disposable/washable applicator, such as a sponge or small spoon (Paula’s Choice, The Pendulum Online). If you limit contact between your fingers and the skincare product in the jar or tub, this greatly reduces the risk of unfriendly bacteria spoiling the product and also damaging your skin.

Bottom Line

Three of our favorite beauty hacks include using a washcloth to exfoliate whenever pinched for time, and changing our pillowcases regularly to lower the risk of developing acne (thus saving money on acne treatments in turn!).  Another favorite hack is using disposable applicators or pouring a product into the hand when using products that come in tubs or jars, as this minimizes the risk of outside bacteria spoiling the product. If you have any hacks to share or have some questions, please feel free to send us an email – we love hearing from readers!


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