10 Things You Never Knew About ViaBuff

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As a much-needed pick-me-up this Thursday, we wanted to share with our readers 10 facts that you may not know (but ought to!) about ViaBuff.

  • ViaBuff was started by Merryweather Foam, Inc., an Ohio-based company that develops foams to be used in many different sectors and products.
  • Why did we create the ViaBuff? Many existing exfoliators are either too rough on the skin (i.e. nylon puffs), environmentally unfriendly (most last for only a month), or were a perfect breeding ground for bacteria (plant-based loofahs). Therefore, we decided to create an open-cell polyurethane buff that felt great on the skin, was just abrasive enough to remove dry skin and debris, lasts three times longer than most standards puffs, and which was cruelty-free.
  • We are still a young company, having officially opened our doors in 2014 and improving thousands’ of clients exfoliating experiences within this short period of time.
  • What makes the ViaBuff different? So many things! Our buffs last for an average of 90 days, or three times longer than most other exfoliating tools. They’re cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested, and can even limit water retention that can contribute to bacterial colonization.
  • Our buffs offer a more effective exfoliative experience. They do so why limiting water retention and product absorption, which means that more product stays on the surface of your buff and can be rubbed into your skin as you exfoliate, instead of merely absorbing into the foam. Our buffs’ large surface area also means that they can exfoliate more skin more quickly, thus speeding up your exfoliative routine.
  • Our buffs come in four levels. Our purple Level 1 Exfoliating Buff is for oily skin, acne-prone skin or skin riddled with psoriasis. The green Level 2 Exfoliating Buff is for normal or eczematous skin, whereas our pink Level 3 Exfoliating Buff is for skin that has ingrown hairs, is freshly-waxed, or which skin which is dry. Our white Level 4 Exfoliating Buff is for skin which is exceptionally dry, but necessarily eczematous or psoriatic.
  • Our buffs are dermatologist-tested. We wanted to make sure that your buffs were of top-notch quality before introducing them to our clients, so we had our products tested and approved by a dermatologist before distributing them.
  • Our buffs are safe for children to use. If your child has eczema, psoriasis, normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, or any of the other conditions outlined in fact #6 (above), then our buffs can be safely used on your child’s skin.
  • Our buffs are eco-friendly. Our buffs last a minimum of 90 days (many report them lasting several months), which is three times longer than most standard exfoliating puffs. But what does that mean for mother earth? When using our buffs, you are minimizing your exfoliation-based contribution to landfills by 2/3.
  • For the best effects, you should our buffs with a potent exfoliating serum. The best exfoliating ingredients include papain, bromelain, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. When you pair our buffs with an exfoliating serum, the keratolytic agents work to penetrate the skin and break apart hardened or dead cells whereas our buffs can wipe away those dead skin cells which accumulate on the outer layers of skin.







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