10 Reasons Why the ViaBuff Is the Best New Exfoliator

If you’re like many people out there, you could be missing a key step in your skincare routine. It could even be the reason you’re not getting the results you want out of your favorite skin care products. Yes, we’re talking about exfoliation, and if you’re not doing it, you owe it to your skin to give it a try. But before you pick up any drugstore pouf out there, check out these 10 reasons why the ViaBuff is a cut above the rest.

1. Use Less Product

The ViaBuff material is an innovative open-cell structure, which allows the recesses of the buff to fill with only a small amount of water. This film of water allows your cleanser to sit on the surface of the buff, rather than being absorbed into the material. Your skin gets all the benefit with little wasted product.



2. See Noticeable Results after One Use

Exfoliation is best when it’s a regular part of your skin care routine, whether that’s once a day or once a week. Because the properties of ViaBuff’s exclusive material are unlike any other, you can expect to see noticeable improvements in the smoothness and evenness of your skin’s texture after a single use.

3. Customize It

Everyone’s skin is unique, and so should their skin care products be. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all exfoliating routine. Depending on your individual skin type, condition, and sensitivity, you may need a gentler or stronger exfoliator, and you may need to use it more or less frequently. With this in mind, ViaBuff comes in four different levels: extra gentle, mild, moderate, and clinical. You can customize your buff to suit your needs.


4. Keep It Longer

The ViaBuff can last up to three months without losing its effectiveness. Other bath poufs lose their shape and ability to properly exfoliate your skin sometimes within weeks. With ViaBuff, there’s no need to constantly replace your buff. Simply store it in a cool, dry place to get the most use out of your body buff.


5. Pair It Up

If you’re someone who has combination skin–like dry and oily, for example–or even if you tend to get patches of dry skin, yet have sensitive skin in other areas, you may need two different levels of exfoliation. But who wants to keep two different buffs around? That’s why the ViaBuff Duos can be so handy. These allow you to choose two levels of exfoliation, each combined into one single buff.

6. Be Eco-Friendly

With the ViaBuff, you can rest assured that your favorite new exfoliator has never been tested on animals and is 100% cruelty-free.

7. Treat Your Skin Condition

Many people with conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or even ingrown hairs don’t realize that exfoliation can actually be one of the best ways to treat their symptoms. By sweeping away the dead skin cells, dirt, and debris that can build up on your skin, the itchiness, irritation, and flaky, peeling skin of these conditions can significantly improve.

8. Fight and Prevent Acne

When your pores become clogged and inflamed, acne breakouts can occur. Exfoliation can help to both fight and prevent acne by removing excess oil, dirt, and other buildup from your skin to help keep your pores clean and clear.


9. Use It on Face + Body

The ViaBuff is great for exfoliating both face and body, but because it can be difficult to reach all the contours of your face with a larger body buff, we also offer the ViaBuff Facial Mini Buff. You may also choose a different level of exfoliation for your face than for your body with the ViaBuff Body Exfoliator.  

10. Get More

Each ViaBuff actually has 60% more surface area than your average bath pouf. Because of this design, you’re actually able to get more benefit from each exfoliation session than would be possible with other products. After all, we know that time is precious, so why waste it using an inefficient exfoliator?

The Bottom Line

The ViaBuff makes exfoliation quick, easy, and even fun. If you’re new to regular exfoliation, do yourself a favor and try one of the many ViaBuff options. We promise that your skin will love you for it!


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