Why You Should Exfoliate Your Body

Admittedly, exfoliation can be a controversial topic amongst skincare aficionados. Some specialists (even some dermatologists!) champion daily exfoliation, whereas the general consensus is that you should exfoliate once or twice a week if you have normal skin, more frequently if you have oily skin, and less frequently if you have drier skin (New York Magazine, American Academy of Dermatology). Some prefer using DIY ingredients like baking soda and Listerine to exfoliate their skin (which we don’t recommend), whereas other prefer laboratory-tested formulations. But perhaps one of exfoliation’s biggest questions is where you should exfoliate. Most exfoliating serums on the market are geared either towards facial exfoliation and come in teeny-tiny tubes, or are concerned with fissured soles – it’s significantly more difficult to find exfoliating serums for all-over body use. So do you actually need to exfoliate your legs, arms, and torso, or is this just a case of skincare enthusiasts being a little too overzealous?

Yes, You Should Exfoliate Your Body!

Why should you bother exfoliating your body? To be frank, because it sheds dead skin cells just as much as the skin on your face and feet! Skin on your body can often be riddled by conditions like psoriasis or eczema, which are certainly in need of regular and robust exfoliation. Frequent exfoliation may also serve to alleviate keratosis pilaris, which causes small bumps in the skin that result from dead skin cells and hardened keratin clogging one’s pores (American Osteopathic College of Dermatology).


It would be a stretch to say that exfoliation can prevent these problems from arising, though regular exfoliation certainly may often alleviate the symptoms associated these conditions (i.e. build of dry, dead skin cells). Given that we shed between 30,000 – 50,000 skin cells per minute (or 9 pounds of skin cells per year!), that’s a lot of dead skin cells that may be clinging to our skin and leading to dry skin, plaques, and bumpy skin, among other conditions(Answers Magazine, Discover Magazine). If you notice that your skin chronically suffers from a certain ailment (acne, psoriasis, etc.) despite using the best topical treatments, then exfoliation may be able to help. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and other debris that may be blocking topical products from fully penetrating the skin in addition to partially removing an outer layer of skin. This in turn allows products to more deeply penetrate your skin and maximizes their benefits on your skin (WebMD, Dermascope)

How Can ViaBuff Help?

As always, the ViaBuff Exfoliating Buffs can come to your aid. Our ViaBuff Body Exfoliators come in four strengths – Extra Gentle, Mild, Moderate, and Clinical – to meet your skin’s needs. Even better, our buffs are also offered as Body Duo Exfoliators for those who suffer from combination skin. But why should you pick a ViaBuff Exfoliating Buff to the exclusion of something like a body brush, pumice, or loofah? To begin with, our buffs are cruelty-free, dermatologist-tested, and ultra-affordable.

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Our buffs last an average of 90 days, which is three times longer than you standard loofah or nylon puff. But how does this actually benefit you? A longer-lasting buff will not only save you money, but also lessen your contribution to your local landfill. All of the ViaBuff Buffs are made of an open-cell polyurethane material that limits water retention both so that your buffs won’t become soggy and so that bacteria will be less inclined to colonize within you buff’s crevices. Even better, our buff’s large surface area means that they offer a more thorough and speedy exfoliative experience. If you are someone who tends to be a little overzealous when you exfoliate, never fear; our buffs are ultra-durable and their large surface area ensures that it will take you quite some time to wear out your buff.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s on your face, body, or feet, regular exfoliation is an absolute must for healthy skin. Regular exfoliation on the body removes dead skin cells and debris that can clog pores or exacerbate the appearance of existing conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Additionally, by partially removing a layer of skin, exfoliation allows topically-applied products to penetrate your skin more deeply, thus maximizing their benefits on the skin. For the best exfoliation, we suggest pairing a potent exfoliating serum with one of our ViaBuff Body Exfoliators, which come in four strengths so that they may better match your skin’s needs. Not only are they cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested, but our buffs also offer an abrasive exfoliation without damaging healthy skin cells. Our buffs also limit bacterial colonization, whereas their large surface area ensures a more thorough and efficient exfoliation.

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